Investigate Building 7 3/26/11: Full Video

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A Call to Action : The Unveiling of the New RememberBuilding7 TV Ad, and a Series of Speeches by Those Involved

Opening Statements: Mike Derosa and Cheryl Curtis

Manny Badillo, 9/11 Family Member

 John Kirby, RememberBuilding7 Ad Producer

 Jane Pollicino, 9/11 Family Member 

Valerie Lucznikowska, 9/11 Family Member

 Bob McIlvaine, 9/11 Family Member 

Richard Gage, AIA, Founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

The Case for a New Building 7 Investigation  A Three-part Presentation Introduced by Dr. William Pepper, International Human Rights Attorney

Part 1

Foreknowledge of Building 7’s Collapse 

Dr. Graeme MacQueen

Even though World Trade Center Building 7 is said to have been the first steel-framed building in history to undergo total collapse due to fire, there were many people who knew the building was going to collapse long before it did. In this presentation, the evidence for this peculiar foreknowledge will be summarized and its significance discussed. The argument will be made that it is impossible to explain this foreknowledge on the basis of the collapse hypothesis offered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The only hypothesis that explains this foreknowledge is the controlled demolition hypothesis.

Part 2

The Evolution of the Fire-based Theory for Building 7 

Kevin Ryan, Underwriters Laboratories Whistleblower

This presentation will examine the attempts by government-sanctioned investigations to provide a theory for the fire-induced, non-explosive destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. In particular, the presentation will cover the process of investigation conducted by NIST and the final explanation given by NIST for initiation of collapse. NIST's concept of fire-based collapse initiation will be scrutinized in light of the publicly available evidence.

Part 3

Structural Aspects of Building 7’s Collapse: Why the NIST Report is Non-explanatory 

Tony Szamboti, Mechanical Engineer

This presentation will provide an overview of the construction features, enormity, and strength of World Trade Center Building 7. It will help listeners understand why no building with a steel framed superstructure has ever collapsed through itself for any reason other than controlled demolition, and will provide evidence for why the NIST World Trade Center Building 7 Report is not a satisfactory explanation of the collapse.

Failure to Report  A Panel Discussion Among Journalists

Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at NYU 

Leslie Griffith, Emmy award winning Television Journalist

Craig Unger, Author, "House of Bush, House of Saud" and others

Dick Russell, Author, " American Conspiracies" with Jesse Ventura and others

This panel will address the US media's tendency to look away from major stories of all kinds by dismissing them as mere "conspiracy theories." First will be a discussion the press's silence on the strangecollapseofBuilding7,andthepanelistswillmoveonfrom theretodiscussothermysteries or scandals that, although they merit serious investigation, are either laughed off or ignored. Among theseforbiddenstoriesarethe"OctoberSurprise"of1980, thefateofTWAFlight800,theCIA's reporteddrugdealinginAmerica'sinnercities,theOklahoma Citybombingandtheepidemicof widespread election fraud since 2000.

9/11: Blueprint for Truth  A Dynamic Multimedia Presentation on the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7

Richard Gage, AIA, Founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

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Moderated Q&A With Most of the Speakers 

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